Board Roles & Responsibilities


  • Keep order and organizational momentum
  • Chair Meetings and set agendas
  • Delegation
  • Motivator
  • Accountability


  • Serves as back-up for the president for events and other duties that the president cannot fulfill
  • Succession plan
  • Learn job of president
  • Look for future directors and a replacement for the Vice-president position

Past President

  • Source of experience for the president and vice-president
  • Able to fill-in where president and vice-president are not available
  • Governance


  • Financial accountability for the organization


  • Record Minutes and report them.

Other Directors

  • Serve on committees as delegated by president (or volunteered)
  • Provide topics for workshops, presentations that are required in their sector of expertise
  • Provide information regarding their sector of expertise that is necessary for the chamber to address and/or promote
  • Recruit committee members to assist with the committee responsibilities and to involve more members in the chamber activities.